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30 October 2010 @ 09:05 am
Prompt Tables - 10 Prompt Sets  
Members have the choice of prompt tables at 100_tables ranging anywhere from 5 to 100 prompts per table. This is the post with the ten prompt tables.

Table One: Opposites
001.Lost & Found 002.Black & White 003.Sweet & Sour 004.Love & Hate 005.Hot & Cold
006.Heaven & Hell 007.Fast & Slow 008.First & Last 009.True & False 010.Clean & Dirty

Table Two: Cocktails
001.Earthquake 002.Bloodhound 003.The Last Word 004.Dark & Stormy 005.Tequila Sunrise
006.Agent Orange 007.Four Horsemen 008.French Connection 009.Zombie 010.20th Century

Note: A list of the cocktails referred to in this table can be found here.

Table Three: Colours
001.Red 002.Blue 003.Green 004.Yellow 005.Purple
006.Orange 007.Black 008.White 009.Pink 010.Brown

Table Four: Colourful Expressions
001.Tickled Pink 002.Gray Mood 003.White Lies 004.Green With Envy 005.Once in a Blue Moon
006.Paint the Town Red 007.Blacked Out 008.Out of the Blue 009.Turning Green 010.Purple Heart

Table Five: Genres
001.Crossover 002.Alternate Universe 003.Post Episode 004.Pre Series 005.Fluff
006.Missing Scene 007.Angst 008.Dark 009.Gen!Fic 010.Writer's Choice

Note: If using this table, your fics for each prompt must focus on that genre. For example, your fic for prompt #1 should be a crossover fic.

Table Six: Monsters
001.Vampire 002.Zombie 003.Werewolf 004.Succubus* 005.Ghost
006.Ghoul 007.Revenant 008.Banshee 009.Devil 010.Writer's Choice

Note: For prompt #4, writers can swap out succubus (female version) for the incubus (male version).

Table Seven: Ten Moods
001.Melancholy 002.Anger 003.Happy 004.Lonely 005.Hungry
006.Confused 007.Excited 008.Guilty 009.Stressed 010.Weird

Table Eight: Ten Random Words
001.Honey 002.Turn 003.Instead 004.Shadow 005.Danger
006.Sleep 007.Chaste 008.Bloom 009.Heart 010.Fall

Table Nine: Ten Lies
001.Deceive 002.Little White Lies 003.Caught in a Lie 004.Falsehood 005.Fabrication
006.Secret 007.Half-Truth 008.Exaggerate 009.Make Believe 010.Lie by Omission

Table Ten: Weather
001.Sun 002.Rain 003.Fog 004.Snow 005.Storm
006.Hurricane 007.Blizzard 008.Heatwave 009.Thunderstorm 010.Cloudy